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About SOL Pilates

"Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit"

My name is Sarah and I used to be part of the corporate world in France, in Paris and in Australia, in Sydney.
Back then, I would religiously go to my Pilates classes at every lunch break and I felt great!

A few life changes including a child and a couple of unsatisfying jobs meant that I dropped my beloved pilates routine. It didn’t feel good mentally or physically as my back gave me a fair bit of grief, especially as stress levels were high (which tends to be a vicious circle).

Pilates is now back in my life and there to stay!

Pilates is for every body!

Today as a qualified Pilates instructor, I want to help others find their inner strength to enjoy their everyday life, whether it involves sitting for long periods of time, looking after kids, working in a physical job or becoming stronger at another sport.

We all have these muscles that need to be stretched and others to be strengthened.

Some benefits of pilates

Why SOL Pilates ?

SOL represents my family (it's the acronym of our 3 names).

It also means the sun in Spanish (the language I speak at home), which represents warmth and strength.

Finally, it also means the ground in French (my mother tongue), which is the place where we practice.

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